Student Health Services
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Services Offered


The Student Health Center offers most services free of charge as the center is supported in part by student fees. Evaluation by a physician or nurse practitioner, some medications and treatments, and/or referral for illnesses or injuries are offered to all matriculated students attending classes. The Student Health Center does not take the place of a primary care physician.
Certain medications, lab tests and immunizations are offered at a low cost and reimbursement receipts can be submitted to health insurance companies should payment be required. The Student Health Center accepts cash, check, Boro Bucks, Visa, Discover and MasterCard as forms of payment.

A complete list of charges for student health services can be found below.

Charges for Student Health Services

Local Doctors and Lab Information

Healthy Campus Initiatives

We also provide information and educational brochures with regard to health promotion, a variety of illnesses, or injury. We sponsor monthly health promotion initiatives throughout the year. You may also receive personal counseling, including individual, group and couples counseling or psychotherapy at no charge through Counseling and Psychology Services at 256-4222.


We are excited to announce that students may receive acupuncture therapy at our new Wellness Center. In partnership with the Neuromuscular Institute at RowanSOM, students may participate in acupuncture therapy.

Students interested in more information can click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions. Appointments can be made for group or individual therapy by calling The Wellness Center at 856-256-4333.

FamCare, Inc. Services

Reproductive health care services are provided to both male and female students at the Health Center by a private non-profit local agency called FamCare, Inc. The following services are offered at a reasonable charge:

Female ("Well Woman") Exams - Pap smear/pelvic exam, Breast Exam, Anemia Screen, Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections, Health Counseling, Birth Control Medications, Free HIV testing at Glassboro Site

Contraceptive Birth Control (low cost) - Oral Contraception (pills), Ortho Evra® Patch, Nuva Ring®, Depoprovera Injections, IUD, Implanon®

Male Exams - Testing for Sexually transmitted Infections (Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea), Cancer Screening, Free HIV testing at Glassboro Site

FamCare provides on-site care each Wednesday night at the Student Health Center. FamCare services are also available at the Glassboro office on Main Street. Call 856-881-7495 for information or to schedule an appointment. They provide an important service for a reasonable charge. Students are responsible for payment of these charges at time of service.