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Adopt a Family for Thanksgiving - Thank You to the Rowan Community.

The Office of Volunteerism, Community Engagement & Commuter Services would like to say "THANK YOU" to the many students, faculty and staff who were kind enough to make our Adopt-A-Family food donation program so successful. This year, we were able to provide record numbers of donations:
•156 Thanksgiving day meal baskets to families throughout South Jersey (50 families referred through Boys & Girls Clubs of Glassboro & Paulsboro, 66 families referred through the NJ State Department of Children and Families, 30 families referred through the Volunteers Of America family shelters, and 10 families referred through the Healing Church of Glassboro --- These baskets included all non-perishable items necessary for a traditional Thanksgiving feast as well as a monetary gift card for the purchase of turkeys and perishable items. In total, Rowan's donations amounted to over 6,300 non-perishable items and $5,169 worth of grocery gift cards

•Additionally, over 170-lbs. in bulk donations of non-perishable items, frozen turkeys, and cases of potatoes were delivered to the Food Bank of South Jersey in Pennsauken.

For many years, the Rowan University community has continued to be very generous through this program. This year we were able to provide more local families with meal baskets than ever before. We hope you are as proud as we are.

Thank you, Rowan University!

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VCECS Mission

The Office of Volunteerism, Community Engagement & Commuter Services (VCECS) provides programming, resources, and support to promote a Rowan community of active citizens. We work collaboratively with university faculty and community partners to design a range of curricular and co-curricular service-learning opportunities. Students who engage with volunteerism at Rowan University will reflect on meaningful volunteer experiences as they develop a lifelong commitment to their communities. VCECS is also the frontline resource to foster, support, and sustain better relations among off-campus students and their neighbors by encouraging and supporting students to become active, responsible, and just members of the community and neighborhoods in which they live. Working in collaboration with community partners and Borough Administration, VCECS serves to foster non-disciplinary dialogue among students and community residents to respond to concerns presented by all varied constituencies. In addition, VCECS serves as the lead provider for commuter student support services and works to establish a sense of inclusion in the Rowan community for commuter students.

VCECS Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Facilitate and promote volunteer/community service opportunities for Rowan students.
Student Learning Outcome 1.1.
Students will execute community service projects based on personal interests.
Student Learning Outcome 1.2.
Alternative Breaks participants will be able to identify the needs of their community.
Student Learning Outcome 1.3.
Alternative Breaks participants will understand the underlying social issues related to their service projects.
Student Learning Outcome 1.4.
Alternative Breaks participants will reflect on volunteer experiences.

Goal 2: Promote a positive Town-Gown relationship between off-campus students and non-student neighbors.
Student Learning Outcome 2.1.
Students will learn strategies for avoiding/resolving problems with their neighbors.
Student Learning Outcome 2.2.
Students will know their immediate neighbors.
Student Learning Outcome 2.3.
Facilitate opportunities for students and non-student neighbors to meet.

Goal 3: Support the needs of commuter students with programs and resources to enhance their educational experience.
Student Learning Outcome 3.1.

Commuter students will maintain a sense of connection with the Rowan community.
Student Learning Outcome 3.2.
Commuter students will know about University support services.

VCECS Key Performance Indicators

- Track the number of volunteer projects, total volunteer participants, and total volunteer hours completed.

o Increase the number of student participating in volunteerism projects across the University by 5-8% annually.

- Track the number of student outreach contacts related to non-disciplinary neighbor concerns.

o Decrease the number of community concern contacts by 2-3% annually.

- Track the number of Commuter Services events sponsored by the VCECS office as well as commuter student attendance at these events.

o Increase the number of commuter students attending VCECS-sponsored events/activities by 3-5% annually.