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Freshmen Connection: Volunteerism

Rowan University’s Freshman Connection Program gives freshmen a jump start on learning new skills and establishing long-lasting friendships. Entering students arrive on campus for fall semester five days early and participate in group activities run by University staff members and upper-class student leaders. Through participation in one of the three program tracts – Adventure, Volunteerism, and Leadership – students can engage in different experiences, interact with new people, and make discoveries about the world and themselves.

The Connect through Volunteerism tract is organized by the Office of Volunteerism, Community Engagement & Commuter Services and is designed to introduce students to meaningful volunteer opportunities in the surrounding community. Each day students engage in projects at local non-profit agencies whose mission it is to help others. Examples of activities are renovating homes for Habitat for Humanity, painting murals at local agencies, cooking and delivering meals for a soup kitchen, and spending time with senior citizens.

The activities vary year to year, but they are always followed up by discussion and reflection on the service experience. Upper-class leaders facilitate the activities and answer questions on issues and apprehensions that are most often on the mind of volunteers. The team leaders also share information on campus services, clubs, and ways to get involved in campus life. Additionally, social activities are held during the evening so that students have a chance to relax, unwind, and have fun.


Freshman Connection: Volunteerism 2016 - Still in the process of planning service projects

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