Rowan Relief

Relief Efforts

To assist our students, alumni, employees and supporters affected by Hurricane Sandy, Rowan University has mobilized the Rowan Relief effort. Rowan Relief will provide information on statewide relief activities, directly help people in need, and organize donation drives and volunteer trips.

Disaster relief is an ongoing process with both immediate and ongoing needs. While Rowan Relief is already accepting donations for food and collection drives, we are also planning day-long, week-long and weekend trips to the affected areas in the upcoming weeks and months. Please stay up to date with our involvement, as well as other efforts around the state, through the following links:

Current Rowan Projects

Relief Efforts by County

Relief Efforts by Need

While we all want to help repair the state immediately, please keep in mind the following emergency tips:

  • Volunteers should not arrive at a disaster area unless specifically connected to and asked by a local relief organization. An influx of unexpected and/or unneeded volunteers can overwhelm struggling communities. Learn whether volunteers are needed first, if local volunteers are preferred (to minimize needs for additional food, water, and shelter), and if they are seeking specific skills.
  • Financial contributions are preferred. Financial donations decrease the labor and expense of sorting, packing, transporting and distributing donated goods. Relief agencies can use cash to identify the specific needs of each community and help rebuild the local economy.
  • Confirm the need and destination BEFORE collecting any in-kind donations.

If you have any questions about volunteering or ways to help, please email