Sexual Violence Prevention Program

Call 9-1-1 if you are in immediate danger.

If you are sexually assaulted get to a safe place and get help. Call one of the numbers below, tell a trusted friend, a parent or a resident assistant.

For immediate and confidential assistance call one of the numbers below.

To Reach a Confidential, Trained Sexual Violence Advocate call the SERV 24-hour Hotline (Services Empowering the Rights of Victims):

To Reach an On-call Student Life Coordinator:

To Reach Rowan Public Safety:

To Reach Police in Glassboro, Camden or other Communities:

To Reach Counseling and Psychological Services:

For Additional Confidential Services During Business Hours Call:

What You Can Do

  • Request a Green Dot Training session to learn about sexual violence and bystander intervention. Call Counseling and Psychological Services or Healthy Campus Initiatives (856-256-4333) and ask for Amy Hoch, Psy.D., Helen Polak, Psy.D., or Allie Pearce, MA, to schedule a training.
  • Support and encourage your friends, classmates, fellow residents, co-workers and others to take responsibility for ending power-based violence and oppression.
  • Be observant and attentive to situations or individual behaviors that may indicate a high risk for violence.
  • Change perceptions and maybe behaviors by talking with individuals who make excuses for abusive behaviors or who plan to victimize someone by incapacitating him/her with alcohol or drugs. 
  • Support and encourage men and women in your classes, residence halls, other campus groups, and community groups to take responsibility for ending all forms of power-based violence.
  • Confront friends who make excuses for abusive behavior.
  • If you hear someone bragging about how they plan to get an intoxicated person to have sex, confront them about it.
  • If someone says that “women say no when they really mean yes,” interrupt and correct them.
  • Check in on people that you think may be in a bad situation.
  • Believe and support people who have experienced violence.
  • Look out for friends, classmates and other members of the campus community at parties and other social settings so they do not become separated or isolated from the group.
  • If you see someone who is intoxicated, tell their friends not to leave them behind.
  • If you see someone spike or drug another person’s drink, stop them, pour it out, or call police.
  • If you see someone carrying an intoxicated person somewhere, stop them and ask them what they are doing.
  • If you see someone or a or group attempting to physically abuse or take sexual advantage another person, call 911 to get help.
  • If you see a person sexually assaulting another person, call police.
  • If you hear screaming through your walls, call an RA or the police to see if everything is okay.
  • Intervene in situations that are a high risk for violence in a safe and responsible way by contacting Rowan Public Safety, University Police, or local police.

For more information on the Green Dot Initiative and Bystander Intervention visit Rowan's Counseling and Psychological Services

Use the Faculty Tool Kit for ideas about building sexual violence awareness in to curriculum.