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Click on the following links to find out how to register for courses:
Current Rowan Students
New/Entering Students (Freshman, Transfer, and Graduate)
Visiting Students




Click on the following links for details:
Summer Registration Deadlines

Summer Dropping for Non-payment information
Summer Incentives & Perks
How to Stop Summer Course Cancellations

Winter Registration Deadlines

Winter Payment and Dropping information
Winter Perks
How to Stop Winter Course Cancellations




Online Registration

Registration and payment activity (initial registration, dropping/adding, paying bills, etc.) should be performed on Student Self Service (http://www.rowan.edu/selfservice) any day (Monday-Sunday) between 7AM-11PM.

  1. Meet with your program advisor to select courses and review prerequisites before registering.
  2. Visit rowan.edu/selfservice.
  3. Click "Access Banner Services.”
  4. Enter your Rowan ID as User ID. (If you don’t know your Rowan ID, visit rowan.edu/mybanner.)
  5. Enter your PIN. If this is your FIRST TIME logging in to the Self Service system, your PIN will be your 6-digit birthday, in the format MMDDYY. (If you don’t know your PIN, visit rowan.edu/mybanner.)
  6. Click "Login." (First time users will see a screen that says “Your PIN has expired.” Please follow the prompts to set a permanent PIN.)
  7. For first time login, you will be prompted to set a security question.
  8. To change PIN or security question, select “Personal Information.”
  9. To register, select “Student & Financial Aid.”
  10. Click "Registration."
  11. Click "Add or Drop Classes."
  12. Select the semester (term) you are registering for, then click “Submit."
  13. Enter the five-digit course reference number (CRN) of the courses you wish to register for and click the "Submit Changes" button.
  14. Classes that were accepted will be listed first, classes closed or that you are not eligible to register for will be displayed second, and additional blank boxes will be at the bottom for adding more courses.

After registration, review your schedule for accuracy via Rowan Self Service (rowan.edu/selfservice) by clicking on “Student Detailed Schedule.” (Other details about your course may also be listed in the title column of the Section Tally.) Make any adjustments/changes as needed before the drop/add deadline has passed.

In-person Registration

  • Registration in Savitz at the Registrar’s Office (1st Floor) is for processing undergraduate forms only (faculty overrides, prerequisite waivers, permission to take over 18 credits, etc.).The Registrar’s Office is open for in-person registration issues Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30 PM.
  • Graduate and Rowan Global Extension registration form processing (faculty overrides, prerequisite waivers, permission to take over 15 credits, etc.) is done by Rowan Global in the Enterprise Center, 225 Rowan Blvd., Suite 200 (next to the Bookstore) The Rowan Global Office is open for in-person registration issues Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30 PM.


Any general questions or concerns about winter or summer terms should be emailed to OWSS.

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