Macromedia Contribute 3

Course Content
Contribute is a great program that will help you keep your web site up-to-date. This web site is to be used in conjunction with the WebCT module. You will find all of the chapters that are going to be covered in the navigation bar to the left. Each chapter has an introduction, lessons, and all but chapter 1 have an assignment. Please work through each chapter, do the assignment and then take the corresponding quiz in WebCT. If at anytime you have a problem, please post the question to the message board in WebCT or email me. After successfully completing this training you will receive a Contribute Certification from the University Web Services Department and will have full access to update/modify/add pages to your site. Below is just a quick intro on what Contribute can do for you:

Create and Update.
Contribute 3 is familiar to users of Microsoft Office applications and requires no technical expertise. Powered by the same market-leading technology as Macromedia Dreamweaver, there is no easier way to keep web content current and relevant.

Easy to use.
Publish to the web in three simple steps: Browse to the page that needs updating, edit it, and click Publish´┐Żit's done. The intuitive, visual environment offers point-and-click simplicity´┐Żno more complicated forms to make simple updates.

Extend documents to the web.
Quickly link any document to a web site or copy and paste from Microsoft Office while keeping text formatting and HTML code standards intact. Macromedia FlashPaper 2 for Mac OS and Windows converts any file into a fast-loading, accessible Flash document with full text search and selection. Plus, the Windows version of FlashPaper can create Adobe PDF files.