THE WORKING PEOPLE OF THE DELAWARE VALLEY ________________________________________________________________________

The economic history of the Delaware Valley in the twentieth century has been as diverse as that of almost any region in the United States. The region contained and continues to contain a wide range of occupations from those associated with major industrial and metropolitan areas (such as those in Philadelphia and Wilmington) to those linked to farming and fishing communities (such as those throughout South Jersey and Delaware).

As the twenty-first century proceeds, it becomes increasingly important to record the memories and recollections of the region's diverse workers. Oral history provides a peerless resource for capturing the voices of the peoples of the Delaware Valley. Through oral interviews, you can capture the texture of working life as remembered by those who actually experienced it.

This web site is part of an on-going research program based in the History Department of Rowan University. The goal of the project is to collect, compile, and make available on-line the oral history of the working people of the Delaware valley. Interviews are being conducted by Rowan University students under the direction of project coordinator Dr. William D. Carrigan. ________________________________________________________________________

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