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"South Jersey Skies" newspaper column

The Gloucester County Times published this column on astronomy on Sundays (usually) every two weeks (usually), both in its (old-fashioned) hard-copy edition and on-line. The newer publication South Jersey Times continued this tradition for a time. But the paper was sold to new owners who did not feel the column was worth continuation.

The on-line index page for this feature from its beginning through Oct. 14, 2012 can be found here. But there does not appear to be a comprehensive index for the newer version. If you'd like to look at past columns, here's the list. Click on the topic to go to that Web page.

NOTE 1: Occasionally the article appeared only in the on-line version, but not in the hard-copy. I had no control over that.


8/10/08 Perseid meteor shower
8/23/08 What is a planet, anyway?
9/7/08 Observing Jupiter's moons
9/21/08 Seeing the Space Station
10/5/08 Celestial Movers and Shakers
10/19/08 The Sun is not average!
11/2/08 Planets of other stars
11/16/08 Why is it getting colder?
11/30/08 The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction
12/14/08 Facing the Moon
12/21/08 Planetarium 101
12/27/08 The Longest Year (on-line only)
1/11/09 The Honey Moon
1/25/09 Orion, King of the Sky
2/8/09 Venus at Its Brightest
2/22/09 When Satellites Collide
3/8/09 Snow Of Other Worlds
3/22/09 The Ends of the World (hard-copy 4/5)
4/19/09 Saturn on the Edge
5/3/09 The Biggest Star You Can See
5/17/09 The Most Dangerous Mission
5/31/09 The Most Difficult Mission
6/14/09 Sky Flares (Watching Iridium Satellites)
6/28/09 The Start of Summer...Maybe (hard-copy 6/28)
7/12/09 The End of the World in 2012
7/26/09 Birds of the Summer Sky
8/9/09 The Closest Mars
9/6/09 Shuttle-Watching 102
9/20/09 Upcoming star events
10/18/09 Water on the Moon
11/1/09 The Spotless Sun
11/15/09 A Cosmic Near-Miss
11/29/09 Parties in the Dark: Solstice Celebrations
12/13/09 The Geminid Meteor Shower
12/27/09 The Blue Moon
1/10/10 That Good Old Martian Spirit
1/24/10 Mars at Its Closest
2/7/10 Amateur Astronomer Catches Exploding Star
2/21/10 Supermodels and Heavenly Bodies
3/7/10 Quakes on Other Worlds
3/21/10 Eggs on the Equinox
4/4/10 A Tale of Two Stars
4/18/10 Why it's dark at night
5/2/10 Volcanoes on Other Worlds
5/16/10 Why the Sky is Blue
5/30/10 Watching Space Tracks
6/10/10 Measuring the Earth
6/24/10 Skies of Saturn
8/8/10 Silent Spirit (the Mars Rover)
8/22/10 Diamonds in the Sky
9/5/10 Measuring The Speed of Light
9/19/10 Ancient Nuclear Reactors
10/3/10 Birth of a Martian Moon

Comet Hunting 101

(hard copy published 10/17/10 [I think...])

10/31/10 A Demon Star (Algol)
11/14/10 Sitting on the Earth, Driving on the Moon
11/28/10 Seeing Venus in the Daytime
12/12/10 Total Lunar Eclipse, Dec. 21
12/26/10 Citizen Science: Be an Astronomer!
1/9/11 Finding New Worlds: The Kepler Project
1/23/11 The 13th Sign of the Zodiac
2/6/11 Betelgeuse: A Second Sun?
2/20/11 Solar Sailing: Traveling by Light Sail
3/6/11 A Telescope on Ice
3/20/11 A New Digital Sky
4/3/11 Moonwatching
4/17/11 Junk in Space
5/1/11 The Darkest Parts of the Moon
5/15/11 How Big Are the Stars?
5/29/11 Free-Floating Planets
6/12/11 A Different Slant on the Seasons
6/26/11 Mini-Black Holes
7/10/11 Night-Shining Clouds
7/24/11 Slow and Steady: The Dawn Space Mission
8/7/11 The Earth's Asteroid Moon
10/2/11 Seeing the Inside of the Moon
10/16/11 Saturn's Super Hurricane
10/30/11 A Real Tatooine: Two Suns in Our Sky?
11/13/11 Observing Venus
11/27/11 YU55: A World Closer than the Moon!
12/11/11 Curiosity (the rover) on Mars
12/24/11 Astronomy Calendar 2012
1/8/12 Measuring the Sun
1/22/12 No Place Like Home: 55 Cancri e
2/5/12 The Stars Like Sand
2/19/12 Watching the Bright Worlds (Jupiter and Venus)
3/4/12 Static From the Sky (Solar interference)
3/18/12 Riding the Solar Cycle
4/1/12 Planets on Parade
4/15/12 Where the Moon Came From
4/29/12 The End of Venus (Venus in our sky)
5/13/12 A Scale-Model Universe
5/27/12 The Venus Transit
7/15/12 Mining the Minors (asteroid mining)
7/29/12 Seven Minutes of Terror (Curiosity landing)
8/12/12 The Instability of the Solar System
8/26/12 Following the Space Station
9/26/12 Measuring Cosmic Rain
10/14/12 The End of the World... Again!
11/4/12 Earth's Shifty Poles
11/18/12 Dangers of the Milky Way
12/9/12 Mercury's Icy Poles
12/23/12 The World Didn't End... But Someday It Will
1/6/13 The Greatest Comet... Maybe!
1/20/13 NASA's Hand-Me-Down Telescope (WFIRST)
2/3/13 Asteroid 2012 DA14: A Celestial Near-Miss
2/17/13 Observing Mercury at Its Best
3/3/13 The Odds of the Asteroids
3/17/13 Stargazing: For the Birds
3/31/13 Dung Beetles and the Milky Way
4/14/13 Scaling the Sky
4/28/13 Losing the Dark
5/12/13 Supervolcanoes
6/14/2013 Sky Flares
7/21/2013 Buy Your Own Space Explorer
8/11/2013 Space is Big Business
8/25/2013 Watching a Rocket Launch from South Jersey
9/8/2013 The Changing Face of Space ("Space Race")
9/22/2013 Has Voyager Left the Solar System?
10/6/2013 The Strange Path of Venus
10/20/2013 The Comet of the Year (Probably) (ISON)
11/3/2013 Looking for the Biggest Telescope
12/1/2013 Students in Space
12/15/2013 When Does Winter Begin?
1/12/2014 Spinoffs from Space
1/26/2014 Navigating by the (Artificial) Stars
2/23/2014 Snow on Other Worlds
3/23/2014 Big and Little Bangs
4/6/2014 Mars and the Moon in April
4/20/2014 The Rings of Chariklo
5/4/2013 Twins in Space


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