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Analytics, Systems & Applications
P: 856-256-4146
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Welcome to ASA.

Introducing the Office of Analytics, Systems & Applications (ASA)

Effective July 2015, Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning (IERP) and Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) merged to create a more efficient and effective department, Analytics, Systems & Applications (ASA).

This new organizational structure will facilitate support, services, and new initiatives as we start to build our Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities.

In the coming months, teams will meet with functional areas and work to develop proficiency in the areas’ data and processes to develop tools, reports, and analytics to facilitate strategic operational needs.


ASA is comprised of the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Database Administration
  • Data Governance and Data Standards
  • Information Systems Development and Maintenance
  • Security and Workflow Administration
  • Training Services


What ASA can do for you

ASA is Rowan University's official source for data used for decision-making, longitudinal analyses, modeling, assessment, state and federal reporting, and more. If you do not find what you need on this site, please contact ASA or submit an online data request.

ASA manages the Rowan University data warehouse; conducts research and analyses; develops reports, dashboards, and models to support academic and administrative decision-making. ASA also coordinates the university-wide assessment processes, works to ensure compliance with mandated reporting requirements, and provides professional services to support the information and reporting needs of Rowan University.

The Office serves as a clearinghouse and secure repository for institutional data. ASA conducts studies; conducts university surveys and analyses; prepares reports, content, and collateral for strategic initiatives; and makes recommendations to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.