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Enrollment Trend
Above: Rowan University enrollment 5-year trend:
Spring 2011 to Spring 2015

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Dashboards are visual displays that organize and present information that can be monitored at a glance. ASA’s interactive dashboards are also analysis tools that enable you to analyze data based on various parameters and drill down to more detailed data. You can click on filters to select a specific subsets of data or you can click on multiple displays to see the other displays change accordingly.


Different Versions of Dashboards


Public dashboards do not need special access. You can access them by clicking on the graphics below. However, this version does not have the capability to drill down on students. If you need student drill down capability, use the Rowan Cloud or the online version of the dashboards.


Rowan Cloud and Desktop

To view these dashboards, click on the Tableau Reader app via Rowan Cloud using Citrix or from your computer desktop. If you do not have access to these dashboards, please contact

  • Dashboard Instructions for Rowan Cloud & Desktop (PDF)

  • Dashboard Instructions for Rowan Cloud (Video)



    Online dashboards require connection to the Rowan Network or VPN if offsite. A Tableau license, along with an annual fee, is required to access these dashboards. To obtain a license, contact In absence of a license, you can select the public or Rowan Cloud versions of the dashboards.


    Dashboard Links

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