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Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning
P: 856-256-4146
F: 856-256-4472

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Enrollment Trend
Above: Rowan University enrollment 5-year trend:
Fall 2010 to Fall 2014

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Helping you get the data you need

To request data from IERP, please complete all fields in the form below and click Submit. In general, IERP reporting reflects official 10th day enrollment data per semester.

Please do not enter multiple data requests via one form. Once your request form has been received and assigned to a member of the IERP staff, you will be contacted to clarify the specific information you need. Note that IERP has many requests to fill and there is a queue. Please plan for you needs as far in advance as is possible.

Guidelines for Requesting Information or Services

  1. Plan ahead. When making your request, take into account the time required to capture and report the information you are requesting, especially if you need the information by a specific date. Please contact the IERP team for a scheduling estimate for the completion of your request.

  2. Identify the critical questions you want to answer. Be specific. Do you need undergraduate enrollment or total enrollment? And for what time period - Fall, Spring, Summer, current year, previous year? Do you want to track a variable over time? The more specific you are about the questions you are trying to answer, the more useful the information you receive will be.

  3. Click "submit" to send your request to IERP for evaluation and execution. If you are completing a survey or other type of form, please email ( or fax (856-256-4472) us a copy of the form along with any instructions.

If you need help or have questions about this form, you can contact the IERP office at 856-256-4093.

IERP Online Report or Data Request Form

Requestor Information

Rowan Department/Division:

Phone: Email Address:

Request Details

  • Please provide a very detailed description of the information you require.
  • Describe the layout of the data and any desired grouping or sorting (e.g., sort by ethnicity).
  • Include any selection criteria (e.g., first-time Freshmen, Chemistry majors)

When do you need your data by?

Will this request become recurring?
- How often/when?