Grand Opening
The New Virtual Reality Center

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One-of-a-Kind New Virtual Reality Center Opens

The Virtual Reality Center is home to extensive research for government, business and non-profit organizations. It features a 100-cubic-foot lab founded in 2008 and a one-of-a-kind, 10-screen collaborative environment for group design and discussion completed this spring. Within the facility, teams of multi-disciplinary students, faculty and industry partners can engage in problem-solving strategies and review designs using the immersive 3D environment.

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The new collaborative environment in the VR Center is an investment made by the State of New Jersey to build the economy of South Jersey, with close to $1 million in funding provided via the Higher Education Technology Infrastructure Fund, which Rowan matched. The VR Center is an integral part of the future of Rowan University as a research institution and reflects our strong commitment to business and industry, government and our region.

In the Center, users can connect multiple data sources (i.e., geographical, medical and other information systems and data layers maintained by external agencies) into one virtual environment. The environment provides an opportunity for collaborative work onsite in Gloucester County and across the state and around the globe.

Virtual solutions. Real world innovation.

From CAVE® systems to desktop to mobile, Rowan University's Virtual Reality Lab creates applications for clients in a variety of key industries.

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Corporations & Government Entities

The Rowan Virtual Reality Lab uses advanced modeling and simulation capabilities to meet the needs of our clients. We can create realistic models of architectural features (e.g. city, campus or building layout) and make rapid changes to the design without the need for physical construction. We have also made complex models of engineering structures and created simulations containing real data from physical devices.

The Rowan VR Lab has completed a number of applications which benefit municipal government, the federal government and the military. Projects have included modelling and simulations of buildings, streets, landscaping as well as engineering structures and shipboard systems for NAVAIR and NAVSEA.

Researchers & The Scientific Community

The VR Lab is actively exploring the development of custom applications in Neurosurgery, Oncology, Cardiology and other specialties to guide therapy.

We are looking for corporate sponsors to partner with to develop new image processing or simulation applications to improve patient diagnosis and therapy. We can also provide corporate sponsors with interactive animations for use in marketing, physician training and new product development.

K-12 Educators & Students / STEM

The Rowan VR Lab has created applications to stimulate learning and education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As the Rowan VR Lab obtains additional financial support, we have plans to further expand our educational offerings.

Additionally, high school Students wishing to learn more about what the Rowan VR Lab has to offer should also feel free to contact us.

Philanthropic Investors

Whether its funding specific projects and endeavors or giving the lasting gift of cutting edge technology the VR Lab team will use to drive innovation and research here in the heart of South Jersey, supporting the Rowan University Virtual Reality Lab is a worthwhile philanthropic investment.


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