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Rowan University Office of Risk Management & Insurance

Rowan University

Intercollegiate Athletic Accident Insurance


Rowan University intercollegiate student athletes are covered for injuries sustained while participating in official games and practices, or while traveling to or from official games and practices. The insurance is secondary to other collectable insurance and provides a $90,000 benefit payable over 2 years from the date of the accident.

Students who sustain injuries that are eligible for coverage must report the accident immediately to their coach and the Athletic Training Staff. All claims are coordinated by the Athletic Department. For assistance with your claim please contact:

Colleen A. Grugan, MS, ATC
Coordinator of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Services

The athletic accident insurance is designed to satisfy the deductible for the NCAA Catastrophic Accident Policy, so that any student sustaining serious injuries will be eligible for extended benefits without a lapse in coverage.

Information regarding the NCAA Catastrophic Accident Policy is available at: