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Rowan University Office of Risk Management & Insurance

Rowan University

Incident Reporting


A Rowan Incident Report Form must be electronically submitted, with the original sent to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance, for every incident occurring on a Rowan Campus involving an employee, student, visitor, or volunteer. Incidents must be reported no later than 24 hours following the event.

Risk Management will follow-up and determine if corrective measures can be implemented to prevent the incident from occurring again. Early notification is crucial so that the facts of the event can be obtained and witnesses interviewed before memory fades.

An incident is defined as an event that:

In the event of a serious incident or when in doubt, call Risk Management at 856-256-4370.

In the event of an adverse Patient Care incident, ONLY VERBAL REPORTS should be made to Risk Management. Please call us at 856-256-4370. DO NOT complete the Rowan Incident Report form.