Rowan University Self-Study 2009

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1) How effective are the current processes to review and improve administrative operations?  What methods are utilized for periodic assessment of the effectiveness of administrative structures and services?  How often is the assessment conducted, and how does feedback occur?

2) What is the process by which administration reorganizes itself?  Do these processes reflect our Mission and Goals? What is the periodic process of evaluation of administration to continuing appropriateness and effectiveness in supporting the Rowan University Mission and Goals?

3) What is the process by which we assure that administrative structures are facilitating student learning and institutional functionality? 

4) How are individuals in administrative leadership roles trained, supported, and evaluated?   To what extent have administrative leaders changed in response to those evaluations and how is administrative effectiveness measured?

5) How have senior leaders’ initiatives been linked to the strategic plan?  How have they been implemented and assessed?  What changes have (or have not) occurred in response to those initiatives?

6) What is the process by which senior administrators facilitate employees’ professional development and foster quality improvement in the workplace?  Are they effective?