Rowan University Self-Study 2009

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Educational Offerings

1) What is the process by which academic programs are designed, approved, evaluated and sustained?  How do these processes function in the culture of change?

2) How are student learning outcomes identified, communicated, and assessed and revised as a result of assessment? 

3) How are the skills that cross disciplinary lines, such as communication skills, computer literacy, information literacy, and critical thinking, integrated into the student experience? What role does general education play in this integration?  How is the effectiveness of interdisciplinary skills instruction assessed, what has been the results of those assessments, and how are assessment results developed into revisions?

4) What is the process by which we measure how our academic programs align with our mission and goals?  How is the process being assessed? 

5) How do we assure that a Rowan graduate (native or transfer) meets the learning expectation goals?  What have been the results of analysis of student acquisition of long-term learning goals and how have those results been utilized?

6) What is the process by which students are informed of the academic offerings, standards, and requirements?  How do we know if these processes are functioning effectively?  How has evaluation of these processes impacted revision?

7) Are all learning standards consistent across all delivery methods and auxiliary learning locations (including the Glassboro campus, the Camden campus, and via the College of Professional and Continuing Education)?  How is this assessed?

8) How is the new Distance Learning initiative being assessed and how will this assessment develop into revisions?