Rowan University Self-Study 2009

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Mission & Goals

1) How are Rowan University’s Mission and Goals developed, and what processes are in place to keep them updated and current? Are these processes effective?  How does the campus community as a whole participate in the creation and development of Rowan University’s Mission and Goals and how are Rowan University’s Mission and Goals presented to the community?

2) How does the Rowan University Mission shape the University’s Goals? How are the Mission and Goals of each of the University’s Divisions connected with the University’s Mission and Goals?

3) Does the process through which Rowan University Mission and Goals are derived lead to such generic statements that have little day-to-day or year-to-year value to the University?  If they were less generic, could the Mission and Goals have a greater impact on the University?  

4) What is the process by which we assess the functionality of the Rowan University Mission and Goals?  How has the effectiveness of this process lead to improve/change/modify the Mission and Goals? 

5) How do we sustain our Mission and the Goals in a rapidly changing environment, while responding to externalities? 

6) Do our current Mission and Goals have value for the Rowan University community?  How does the Rowan University community understand the Mission and Goals, and what do they mean to the community?