Rowan University Self-Study 2009

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Timeline (Fall 2006 - Spring 2007)

Fall 2006
October 30-31
RUSS Chairs attend MSSS Institute
November 6
Meeting of RUSS Chairs with President Farish
November 20-21
Three open forums with key individuals for brainstorming about directions for Self-Study and recruitment for the RUSST
December 5
First meeting to charge the RUSST
December 18
Second meeting of the RUSST – design of study based on standards
Spring 2007
January 16
Co-chair meeting with Advisory Board
January 17
Third meeting RUSST – selection of chairs for each cluster of standards
January 22
RUSST meeting for values clarification
January 30/February 2
RUSST report the organization of WG – Discussion of systems analysis and frame questions
February 12-20
First draft of questions generated by WG
February 22- March 7
Draft of the Self-Study Design
March 13
Meeting with RUSST for analysis of the Self-Study Design draft
March 22
Send Self-Study Design Draft to Middle States staff liaison
April 12
Middle States staff liaison visit to RU
April 23
Meeting with SC for revision of draft of Design of the Self Study
May 7-10
Final revision of draft of Design of the Self Study
May 15
Send Final Draft of Design of the Self Study to Middle State staff liaison

Abbreviation Key:
BOT = Board of Trustees
MSSS = Middle State Self-Study
MSCHE = Middle States Commission of Higher Education
RU = Rowan University
RUSS = Rowan University Self-Study
RUSST = Rowan University Self-Study Team
WG = Working Groups