Rowan University Self-Study 2009

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Timeline (Summer 2007 - Spring 2009)

Summer 2007
WG and RUSST work on the RUSS
Co-chairs meet with team leaders for progress report
RUSST meet for updates on each “mini-bus” work
Fall 2007
WG involves the RU community
WG submits draft of the RUSS to RUSST
Spring 2008
RUSST finishes the final draft of RUSS
RUSST shares RUSS with entire campus/ campus open hearing
MSCHE selects Evaluation Team Chair
RU and Team Chair decide on visit time
RU sends RUSS to Team Chair
Fall 2008
RUSST prepares the final RUSS
BOT reviews RUSS
Print/Bind/Mail RUSS to team chair
Spring 2009
Team visit

Abbreviation Key:
BOT = Board of Trustees
MSSS = Middle State Self-Study
MSCHE = Middle States Commission of Higher Education
RU = Rowan University
RUSS = Rowan University Self-Study
RUSST = Rowan University Self-Study Team
WG = Working Groups