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All-University Bookstore Committee

Committee Charge:  Mediates faculty, student and bookstore relations and concerns. The committee provides an ongoing evaluation of staffing levels of the bookstore, works on improving the perceptions about the bookstore's work both within the bookstore and externally among the rest of the campus, and facilitates cooperation of the faculty with bookstore needs and the bookstore with faculty and student needs.


Chair: Anthony Hostetter - email:

Anthony Hostetter Faculty - College of Performing Arts
Alison Novak Faculty - College of Communication/Creative Arts
Xia Liu Faculty - College of Business
Qian Sun Faculty - College of Education
  Faculty - College of Humanities/Social Sciences
  Faculty - CMSRU
  Faculty - College of Engineering
Wu Chun Faculty - College of Science/Mathematics
Carla Tighe Professional Staff
  Bookstore Director
  VP Administration/Finance
  Student Representative (possibly PRSSA)
Thomas Doddy Athletics
Janet Iles AFT Rep


Bookstore Committee 2015-16 - annual report