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Graduate Education and Global Learning and Partnerships

DGLP reviews and recommends academic policies and procedures in the Division of Global Learning and Partnerships, including the development of online and hybrid courses, as well as traditional courses offered by DGLP. Will work with the Graduate Advisory Council. Also reviews and recommends academic policies and procedures for graduate programs not housed in DGLP.

Chair: Monica Kerrigan - email:

Committee Members 2017-18
Monica Kerrigan Faculty - College of Education (Chair)
Cameron Casper Faculty - College of Business
Olga Vilceanu Faculty - Communication/Creative Arts
Joseph Stanzione Faculty - College of Engineering
Emily Blanck Faculty - Humanities/Social Sciences
Timothy Schwartz Faculty - College of Performing Arts
Bonnie Angelone Faculty - College of Science/Mathematics
Russell Buono Faculty - CMSRU
Maria Lanza-Gladney Professional Staff
Sharon McCann Professional Staff
George Ann Watt Rowan Global Representative
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Lauren Bitzer SGA Representative
Misael Hernandez SGA Representative
Jooh Lee AFT Representative