rowan university

Article II: Functions, Duties and Procedures

 1.   The Senate may consider any University matter on its own volition or at the request of 

      any  member or organization of the University community.

 2.  Senate actions that relate to the carrying out of some policy by the University shall be sent, 

      in writing, to the University president within seven (7) working days of the date when the 

      action was taken. If the University president disapproves of a measure or takes no action, the

      Senate may then invite the University president to explain his/her position. The Senate may

      then refer the matter to the board of trustees if deemed necessary.

 3.  The Senate may review any University policies and make recommendations concerning them

      to the appropriate authority.

 4.   Senate actions not involving action by the University shall be communicated to appropriate 

      persons or media as the Senate shall direct.

 5.  The Senate shall have complete control over its internal affairs.