rowan university

Article V: Committees

1.  The Senate executive committee shall comprise the four (4) officers, the chairpersons of the Senate standing committees, the coordinator of the department chairs council, and two (2) senators elected to the executive committee at-large by the full Senate.  The immediate Past-President of the Senate, provided that the immediate Past-President is eligible for Senate membership, shall be an ex-officio member of the executive committee of the Senate for a period of one (1) academic year.  The Senate president may invite other chairpersons of special or ad hoc committees to regularly attend the executive committee meetings.  The responsibilities of the executive committee are as stated in this constitution or in bylaws or resolutions of the Senate consistent with this constitution. 

2. Standing committees shall be chaired by senators elected by the Senate at the annual organization meeting unless stipulated otherwise in Senate bylaws to comply with collective bargaining agreements.   The Senate executive committee shall select other standing committee members with the advice and consent of the Senate.

3. The Senate president may appoint ad hoc and special committees as required by Senate resolution, and these committees shall report to the Senate as stipulated in the bylaws.

4. The President and the vice president of the Senate shall be ex-officio members to all standing committees provided that this is consistent with the collective bargaining agreement.

5. The President with the approval of two other officers may call summer meetings as needed in response to summer decisions and the state budget cycle.