rowan university


The faculty and professional staff of Rowan University do hereby acknowledge the commendable actions of the former State Board of Higher Education, the local board of trustees, and the University president, in which the guarantee for meaningful and systematic involvement of the faculty, librarians, coaches, professional staff and students, in the governance of the University was adopted. Believing that such meaningful and systematic involvement is best accomplished through a soundly established, carefully deliberative representative body of the University community, this community does now create, sanction and empower such a body, which is to be called the Rowan University Senate. This Senate shall promote the vitality of the institution as an academic learning community through which the pruposes and specific goals of the institution may be accomplished. Finally, recognizing the scope of responsibility and gravity of duties being assumed through the establishment of this Senate, this body does hereby enter into an agreement of shared governance with the University president and the local board of trustees. Participation in university governance shall be conducted hereafter in accordance with this constitution of the University Senate of Rowan University, revised in April 2008.