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Creation/Dissolution of a Department or School Format


  1. Change Requested (From and To)
  2. Sponsor(s)


  1. Statements of "need" for such a change.
  2. Statements of curricular effect. How the change will impact on program, department and/or curriculum design.

Result of Consultation

  1. List all parties consulted.
  2. Attach evidence, in writing, of consultation results

Senate Curriculum Committee Review

The SCC chairperson will schedule an open hearing and inform both sponsors and the University Community of the time and date. Interested members of the University Community may appear at the open hearing to discuss or question the proposal. In closed session, the SCC will vote on the proposal. A proposal may be (1) passed with no changes; (2) approved with suggested minor changes; (3) tabled; or (4) not approved.

Senate Review

A proposal that falls under Process C must be presented, discussed, and voted on at a Senate meeting. During the discussion, the proposal is open for questions, clarifications, and comment. It is appropriate for the sponsor(s) to be invited to the Senate meeting to answer questions and provide additional information and insight. If it is the opinion of the Senate that the proposal is unclear, incomplete or otherwise lacking in merit, a vote not to approve will return the proposal to the SCC for further action. The proposal may not be amended or changed while before the Senate for a vote. If corrections are recommended by the Senate, the SCC Chairperson will contact the sponsor(s) of the proposal for necessary revisions. When the proposal has been resubmitted to the Senate and approved, the sponsor(s) must submit final copy of the approved version to the SCC Chairperson for final distribution.