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Library Committee

Committee Charge:  The committee facilitates communication regarding the research needs of faculty and students and reviews policies on the support for, management, and use of the libraries' facilities and resources. Additionally, the committee makes recommendations to the University Senate to ensure library resources are of high quality and utilized appropriately to further the educational and research mission of the University.


Chair: to be announced -

Committee Members 2017-18
Jane Hill Faculty
Katrinka Somdahl-Sands Faculty
Marjorie Morris Faculty
Robert Wieman Faculty
Sara Borden Professional Staff
  Professional Staff
  Professional Staff
Scott Muir Library Associate Dean
Janet Iles AFT Representative
Daisy Garcia SGA Representative
Rachel Benassutti SGA Representative
Peace Nwankwo SGA Representative


Library Committee - 2016-17 annual report

Library Committee - 2015-16 annual report