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Dear Mr. Rowan,

For so many years we have been stamping your name on everything we do in Web Services.  That little logo with the brown and gold torch appears on every website we’ve ever built here at Rowan, the institution that bears your name.  

But what we and many others learned as your sculpture was being installed on-campus in 2012 is that we truly didn’t know the story behind the name that we sign our work with every day.  Your historic philanthropic gift was the largest of its kind to a public institution of education.  It not only built a college of engineering in Southern New Jersey, it was the gift’s momentum that has propelled us to both University and research status in only twenty years time.

We are not just proud of the institution that bears your name, we are #RowanPROUD of you, the man behind making the institution not what, but who it is today.  For Rowan University is more than a brick and mortar facility that houses classrooms, labs and dormitories.  We are a family committed to the lifelong pursuit of education and innovation, empowering students to question the world around them and use the knowledge gained to change it for the better.

Without your support it’s distinctly possible that the web team that is bringing you this site wouldn’t have been here to dream it up together.  Six of our eight team members are Rowan graduates, a testament to the quality education that you knew would help us find jobs in today’s competitive world marketplace.

Thank you Mr. Rowan.  You have influenced our lives in so many more ways than you could have possibly envisioned in 1992.  Too many years have passed before we as a community chose to tell the world how we came to be #RowanPROUD.  Please accept this site as a virtual thank you gift.  We hope you will return here to read all the reasons that our students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and family are #RowanPROUD.

I became #RowanPROUD the day I stepped onto campus and realized I was home.

When you attend Rowan, you discover that communication and collaboration within the university is constant and you are never afraid to ask for help when you need it. You always know where to go when you need any type of question answered. You don't just learn in the classroom, you learn on the campus. Not only did I get an academic education, I got a real-life education. I'm a better student, employee and citizen because I attended Rowan University. The professors and faculty helped me find myself and guided me on a path I am confident about.

Rowan helped me to marry my love for Communication and Health & Exercise Sciences, and now I’m a Graduate Assistant of Fitness at the University of Mississippi studying for my Masters of Science in Health Promotion.

I think that prospective students should know that there is no need to be shy. Any time you need help, you can easily ask anyone, even if it's the person walking next to you on the sidewalk. Rowan is a family. Everyone is always wearing some brown and gold which just goes to show how much pride they have. You can easily get involved within your major or another outside interest. You will never feel left out or lost at Rowan.

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