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Rowan Success Network powered by Starfish

Resource for Students

What is Rowan Success Network (RSN) powered by Starfish?
RSN is a way for faculty and staff to give you feedback about your progress at the university and to help you connect to resources on campus if you need help.

Why are we using it?
You have a lot on your plate and we want you to succeed at Rowan. This communication system makes it easier for us to connect you with resources to promote your success. We want you to get help when you need it so you can move forward and successfully complete your degree.

What will this accomplish?
Our goal is to make it easier for you to connect with the resources you need to be successful at Rowan. Utilize the scheduling tools to make appointments at your convenience and keep an eye on your reminders and flags to track your progress and get help when needed.


Ready to get started?

Download the Getting Started Guide for Students and check out these YouTube clips for quick tutorials:
How to Make an Appointment
How to Schedule a Tutoring Appointment



In the "Courses I'm Taking" channel, click "See available appointments" next to the Tutoring link in the appropriate course. Move through the calendar using the mini calendar tool located in the left column. All available dates will be bold. Available meeting times will have a Sign Up link. Click this link to make an appointment for that time. Complete the form and click the Save button. You'll get an email confirmation of the appointment.

If there is no tutoring link listed for your course, please email the Tutoring Center (



NOTE: If you do not receive Starfish email notifications when expected, please make sure they are not marked as SPAM. Check the SPAM folder in your email client and whitelist Starfish emails if this is the case.

The Starfish system requires that you accept browser cookies. Please enable cookies or switch to a browser that supports cookies. If you have cookies enabled but continue to see an error message, your browser settings may be preventing Starfish from setting cookies. For help resolving this issue, view our help page.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Contact: Lori Ann Getler, Coordinator for University Retention Systems at


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