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Campus Initiatives - General Education

Rowan University

General Education

In December 2010, the Provost formed the General Education Tactical Team and charged its members to begin work on revising the current general education model at Rowan University.  Since that time, the team has reviewed the literature on general education reform, including the process, recent trends, and best practices in curriculum and assessment; developed a preliminary conceptual model; held several forums and meetings to gather feedback on the developing model; and met frequently to analyze the feedback and make additional revisions.  Through this process, the conceptual model has evolved and improved in response to the many comments and suggestions from the campus community. 

In December 2011, the University Senate approved the conceptual model and the proposed core literacies:  Community, Quantitative, Contextual, Scientific, Communicative, and Global. Our second phase focuses on the curriculum and assessment models.  We are seeking a curricular model that will deliver high-impact, integrative, and experiential learning that will meaningfully engage our students. Please see our links to the left for updates on this process.

Click here to view the complete proposal, including the most recent version of the Core Literacies. The proposal is also available through the Curriculum Database, accessible on the Rowan University Senate website.

The Tactical Team would like to thank the campus community for your interest in this initiative and your serious and careful consideration of the conceptual model.  Your insightful and thoughtful contributions have greatly enhanced this model and we look forward to your continuing input.