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Campus Initiatives - General Education

Rowan University

Team Members

The original tactical team was co-chaired by Jim Newell, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, and Janet Lindman, Senate Curriculum Committee Chair and Department of History, joined by Cindy Vitto, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Mira Lalovic-Hand, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning; Roberta Harvey, Provost Fellow; Bryan Appleby-Wineberg, Department of Music; Rory McElwee, Coordinator of Rowan Seminar and Department of Psychology; Jay Chaskes, Director of Exploratory Studies and Department of Sociology; David Klassen, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Rihab Saadeddine, graduate student; and Joe Perella, undergraduate student.

Following several shifts that took effect in July 2011, the composition of the team changed accordingly. The team also added members of the Colleges of Business, Education, and Engineering in August 2011, and, most recently, added a representative from the Camden Campus. The members of the current team are: