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2012 Lindback Award Winner: Joy Cypher

Joy M. Cypher is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies.  She hails
from the Midwest, having been born and raised in Wisconsin.  She earned her
BA in Communication at Loyola University of Chicago in 1992, her MA in
Interpersonal Communication (1994) and her Ph.D. In Interpersonal
Communication and Theories of Embodiment (1999), both from Purdue
University. Joy cut her teeth teaching at Purdue as a teaching assistant for
6 years, and during that time was awarded the Bruce Kendall Award for
Graduate Teaching, the International Communication Association Graduate
Teaching Excellence Award, and was named an Alan H. Monroe Scholar for
excellence in scholarly achievement.  Dr. Cypher taught for two years at
West Chester University before beginning her tenure track career at Rowan in
2000.  In her time here, she has been named a Bildner Fellow (2004) and been
included on the Wall of fame five times.  She has published and presented
over a dozen works specifically on pedagogy, communication, and her main
area of scholarship, Disability Studies.  She has also held numerous
leadership positions in the Disability Issues Caucus of the National
Communication Association, as well as within the Voices of Diversity
Interest group of the Eastern Communication Association.  In 2009, Dr.
Cypher was a Second Vice President of the Eastern Communication Association
during its centennial year.  As a teacher, a citizen and an intellectual,
Dr. Cypher is deeply motivated by Lee Thayer's claim that, "As we
communicate, so shall we be."

Written Spring 2012