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Faculty Center

Rowan University

Application Instructions for
The Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award


Due Date: February 15, 2014*

  1. A statement describing what you teach
  1. A statement describing your students
    • The characteristics of your students (majors or non-majors, lower/upper division, graduate)
    • Students’ learning styles (types of learners and your strategy for addressing them)
    • Their motivation for taking the course
  1. Your philosophy of teaching/learning/assessment
  1. A personal assessment of your teaching effectiveness and what you’ve done to enhance your effectiveness

Items 1-4 should not exceed 6 pages

  1. Two colleague assessments and/or observations (within the past 3 years) with one page of commentary/reflection (min)
  1. Student evaluations from 2 classes within the past 3 years with grade distributions and one page of commentary/reflection for each
  1. Syllabi from 2 courses with one page of commentary/reflection for each
  1. Recommendation from someone who knows your teaching well
  1. Additional materials to support your application
  1. A short biographical sketch


*All applications should be submitted as a single pdf file to Clarissa Shoemaker, ( Administrative Assistant at the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Expect a return email acknowledging submission.