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The Teaching Professor


Rowan Teachers' Toolbox

What works at Rowan. A database of tried and true teaching activities from Rowan professors.


Faculty Center Library

Feel free to borrow any of our books.
We have resources on the following subjects: Assessment, Faculty Development, Teaching & Learning, Publication, Rowan Seminar/First Year Experience and Service Learning.

Books on Leadership

Books on Rowan Seminar

Books on Publishing

Books on Assessment

Books on Faculty Development

Books on Teaching and Learning


Technology Training Opportunities

Visit the Information Resources Online Training Center



Effective Teaching Articles

Preparing A Course

Teaching With Your Mouth Shut

Time Management Tips & Strategies

Suggestions for Preparing an Effective Syllabus

How Do I Get My Students To Work Together?


Academic Integrity

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Best Practices

Sample Rationale