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Continuing Student Foundation Scholarship Program

Begins December 2nd through February 14th-Closed

The University Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to Rowan University Students on the basis of academic excellence, financial need, and participation in on-campus and off-campus activities. The deadline for the receipt of the application and three recommendations is midnight February 14, 2014.

In order to apply or receive University-Awarded Scholarships, applicants must be full-time students at Rowan University during both semesters of the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic year.

To ensure that these scholarships are awarded fairly, the committee requires that all student applicants must submit: (A) a complete online application (B) three electronic recommendation forms. Each of the three individuals you select should submit the recommendation forms electronically. Paper recommendation forms will not be accepted. Endorsers must include reasons for recommending you. If you submit more than three forms, only the first three will be considered. Students are encouraged to request recommendations from Rowan faculty and staff, or employers or community leaders who are familiar with their qualifications, work and goals. Recommendations from relatives or family friends are not acceptable.

Criteria for awarding scholarships

Available scholarships

Link to self-service Application

Step 1

Once you log on select Student & Financial Aid

Then, click Financial Aid

Then, click Scholarship Application

(Complete the entire online application)

Step 2

Online Recommendation Forms

Once you are logged in, select the Student Tab

Select Financial Aid Scholarship Recommendation Request

Then, submit "Yes" to the Waiver Question

Step 3

Recommenders Information

Submit Recommenders E-mail Address & Name

Then, click Recommendations

(You can add as many recommendations as you need; however, only the first 3 recommendations will be accepted).

  • An e-mail will be sent with instructions to the Recommenders
  • An e-mail will be sent to the Student and Recommender confirming that the recommendation has been completed with the Recommenders Information.
  • You can send Recommenders reminders until they submit your recommendation.
  • Finally, it is the student's responsibility to follow-up.

It is the student’s responsibility to see that the complete application and electronic recommendations are received by the deadline date noted above. Review is by application materials only. Please supply as much information as possible so the Scholarship Committee may make informed choices.