Financial Aid
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Summer Specific Information on Financial Aid

The summer term is considered the tail of the academic year. Eligible students who have not received the full annual eligibility limit may receive financial aid for the summer term provided that:

  • The student is matriculated at Rowan University.
  • The student is enrolled for at least 4.5 graduate credits or 6 undergraduate credits.
  • The student has filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the award year. (For the summer of 2015 that would be the 2014 - 2015 FAFSA).
  • The student submits application and documentation as required by the established deadline.
  • Student has remaining unused eligibility.

Click here to download a 2015 Summer Term Financial Aid Request Form.


Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Financial Aid


How do I apply for summer financial aid?

Step 1:  Complete your registration for all summer sessions.

Step 2:  Complete and return a Rowan University Summer Term 2015 Financial Aid Request found at

Note: Students may receive financial aid for summer attendance if they have remaining (unused) eligibility from the fall 2014 and spring 2015 terms.

Step 3:  Indicate on Summer Financial Aid Worksheet desired Direct Stafford Student Loan Amount if Stafford loans for fall and spring have not exceeded the maximum annual limit for your grade level.

Step 4:  If additional funding is still needed to cover expenses for summer enrollment,  the parent or student will need to apply for additional loans. Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students may apply for alternative loans.  An alternative loan lender list that Rowan students have used can be found at:

Please note, that approval for PLUS and alternative loans is based on a credit review by the loan lender.

All students that want to apply for the federal loans (Federal Direct Stafford, Graduate PLUS, and Parent PLUS loans) must do so no later than Thursday, June 18, 2015.

How many credits do I have to take to qualify for aid?
Undergraduate students need to register for at least 6 credits over all summer sessions to be eligible for most aid programs; however, there are some private loan programs available to students taking fewer than 6 credits.  If your registration drops below 6 credits, your summer financial aid will be adjusted.  These adjustments may create a balance due on your account.  Graduate students are considered half time enrollment at 4.5 graduate credits.  Please contact the Bursar’s office to make payment.

When will I get my summer award package?
After you are registered for summer enrollment and the Summer Financial Aid Worksheet has been completed and returned to the financial aid office, your summer financial aid worksheet will be individually reviewed to determine your aid eligibility for summer sessions.  

Once I have completed the Summer Financial Aid Worksheet how do I apply for loans?
If you borrowed a Federal Direct Stafford loan during the 2014/2015 academic year and are eligible for remaining (unused) grade level eligibility, no further action is required.  New Direct Loan borrowers must sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete Loan Entrance Counseling.  Instructions may be found at:

What if I have to change my registration or housing status for the summer?
If you change your registration or housing status after completing and returning the Summer Financial Aid Worksheet, please contact the Financial Aid Office so necessary adjustments can be made to your summer financial aid. 

Is there financial aid available if I take just one summer course?
Financial aid is limited for students who are registered for fewer than half time enrollment for the summer sessions (less than 6 credits for Undergraduate students, less than 4.5 credits for Graduate students).  Federal loans including Parent PLUS loans, Graduate PLUS loans and student Stafford loans require minimum half time enrollment.  One option is a credit-based private alternative loan.  To assist you in finding an alternative loan, we have compiled an alternative loan lender list which can be found at:

You are free to choose ANY lender – whether it is on the list or not – without penalty.  Please be sure you meet all of the eligibility criteria including but not limited to enrollment requirements when selecting a lender.

Is financial aid available for off-campus living expenses?
Financial aid, usually loans, may be used for off-campus living expenses.  Please indicate on the Summer Financial Aid Worksheet your summer housing arrangements.  You may, however, not be eligible for the entire amount you request.  If you have requested additional funds for living expenses, those extra funds will be issued by the Bursar’s office after your financial aid has been finalized and credited to your account.  You should be prepared to pay your expenses until you receive your refund check from the Bursar’s office.