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Verification is a requirement of the financial aid programs and is governed by federal and state regulations. Approximately 30 percent of the applicants are selected for verification. Those who are selected are informed of their selection via the Student Aid Report. Rowan University’s financial aid office will notify the selected individuals of any required documents.

An applicant selected for verification must submit all required documentation within sixty days after his last date of attendance for the academic year in question. Failure to comply with this will result in the denial of aid. Student loans will not be certified and no federal or state financial aid funds will be disbursed to a student that has been selected for verification until such process has been completed.

Please log into your Self Service account to see what you need to submit to the Financial Aid Office:

1. Visit and log into your account
2. Click on the Financial Aid tab
3. Click on the Eligibility link then select award year 1415 from the drop down box
4. You will see information that you need to submit under the Student Requirements tab
5. You will need to click on the links to complete the Verification Worksheet and SNAP forms online.

In order to submit your and your parents’ 2013 Tax Return Transcripts (if applicable), you will need to do one of the options below:

• Complete the Data Retrieval Tool through your FAFSA (see link for instructions).
• Print your 2013 Tax Return Transcripts from the IRS website:
• Visit or call one of the IRS offices listed on this list (click link).

IRS Frequently Asked Questions:
IRS Frequently Asked Questions and instructions for ordering copies of Tax Transcripts:,,id=199557,00.html