Office of Sponsored Programs

Office of Proposal Development


The mission of the Office of Proposal Development (OPD) is to increase the number and quality of competitive, interdisciplinary, and collaborative proposals that support faculty research at Rowan University. OPD will strive to achieve this mission by partnering with faculty members to develop project ideas, identify funding sources, form proposal writing teams, edit proposal narratives, and prepare proposals for submission.
In order to advance its mission and key objectives, the staff of OPD approaches its work with three guiding principles:

1) Exposure - We interview faculty members to understand their research needs, and then identify good funding matches through rigorous prospect research.

2) Quality - We improve the quality of project narratives on proposal submissions. We make edits and suggestions to improve brevity, clarity, and consistency of message. We look to meet compelling scholarship with creative salesmanship.

3) Capacity - We build the capacity of faculty members and staff to become well-trained grant writers and prospect researchers themselves. Our aim is to empower faculty members with timely and targeted trainings that will build on their roles as educators and researchers.


A trained grant writer and seasoned project manager, Stephen Robishaw, MPA has spent his career building the capacity of nonprofit organizations in the social sector. He specializes in prospect research, narrative editing, and the proposal submission process. If you have a question about your project idea or the status of a current proposal, you can reach him at or at (856) 256-5795.

Location and Directions

An office within the Division of University Research, OPD is located in James Hall, Suite 3132. Once you arrive, take the elevator at the east end of the building nearest Esbjornson Gymnasium, go to the third floor, and turn left. The office will be just ahead through the glass doors.

Resources for Faculty Members

  • Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN):

    OPD invests in the success of its faculty members most directly in identifying, screening, and presenting funding prospects for faculty research projects. The most important first step for any faculty member interested in advancing their research is to sign up for an account on SPIN. SPIN is an easily-searchable database of roughly 40,000 funding opportunities from federal, state, local, and corporate sponsors. The database allows faculty members to export search results, bookmark promising prospects, and set up daily/weekly emails offering the latest prospects tailored to specific research needs. If you need assistance signing up for an account, please send an email to to set up a brief tutorial.

  • FY18 Calendar and Internal Database - Funding Prospects and Limited Submission Competitions

    OPD works with research deans and other university partners to distribute timely funding prospects well-suited to the research interests of Rowan faculty members. In addition, OPD organizes limited submission competitions as those funding opportunities become available throughout the year. In order to ensure the college community is up to date, the office publishes and regularly updates a calendar and internal database that list upcoming deadline dates. These deadlines include both open competitions and limited submission competitions. If you would like to subscribe to the calendar, please click here. If you would like to simply view the calendar in your web browser, please click here.

  • Proposal Narrative Editing Services

    A well-argued, well-reasoned proposal or application is essential for any faculty members aspiring for external funding. In order to achieve the result of a superior written product, the office offers its professional expertise in persuasively merging scholarship with salesmanship. Upon request, OPD rigorously reviews proposal narratives for composition, clarity, and readability for all interested faculty members.
    Please send an email to to have OPD take a look at your writing. OPD asks that faculty members send narratives as early as possible in the proposal writing process, so as to receive feedback in a timely manner.

  • Institutional-Level Template Language

    Given that many proposals and applications for external funding require language pertaining to institutional capacity and past perfomance, OPD is developing a repository for template language. During your initial consultation, OPD staff will help you identify sections in the proposal narrative that require this information. When you need assistance in crafting this language, please send an email to

Upcoming Proposal Submission Deadlines

OPD regularly searches for funding opportunities tailored to the research interests of Rowan faculty members. In that effort, OPD will regularly update the following lists of upcoming proposal submission deadlines, according to college:

William G. Rohrer College of Business

College of Communication and Creative Arts

College of Education

Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Performing Arts

College of Science and Mathematics

School of Earth and Environment

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University + Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine