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Research Policies & Procedures

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the single source for information and for administration of all research and/creative activity proposals and contracts on campus.  Any proposed project, whether it is for submission to a government, foundation, or corporate funding source, must be reviewed by OSP prior to submission. (This includes projects where Rowan will be a subaward to another lead institution). Below you will find a compilation of the Office of Sponsored Programs Policies.

NEW: F&A Policy and Informational Webpage for Overhead Rates

Conflict of Interest Policy
Effort Reporting
Fee-for-service_Policy, Contract Template, and Sample Invoice
Indemnification Letter
Principal Investigator Guidelines and Eligibility
Record Retention Policy
Responsible Conduct of Research Training (RCR)
Faculty Course Buy-out Policy
Research Graduate Program Policy (including research fellows program)
Interim Policy - Research Laboratory Safety Training Policy
Interim Policy - Use of Controlled Substances in Laboratory Animals
Indirect Distribution Policy - FY14 to FY19

NEW! Electronic Effort Reporting Process via Banner Self Serve GUI

Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs, Eric Gregory to obtain more information. Telephone # (856) 256-4058.



Interim Policy - Research Laboratory Safety Workplan Registration and Approval

Please utilize the Research Laboratory Safety Workplan Registration and Approval Form when submitting a Research Laboratory Workplan to the Office of Research and Office of Environmental, Health and Safety for review and approval.

Interim Policy - Use of Controlled Substances in Laboratory Animals

Please use the below table to identify when and which department needs to be notified of controlled substances. Note that notification of a controlled substance via an IACUC application is considered notification to the Research Office.

This applies to all Controlled Substances
Environment, Health and Safety Office
Research Office/IACUC Administration

Ordering, Receiving, Storing, and Disposing of Any Controlled Substance - Initial Order / Acquisition is required. Re-orders of the same controlled substance does not apply.

Initial Use of Controlled Substance  
Annual Use of Controlled Substance  

Research Agreement between Rowan University and The Cooper Health System

Federal and state regulations related to the administration and management of awards can be found here

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