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OSP/Advancement Workshop Series
Fall 2015 NSF Webinar Series

OSP/Advancement Workshop Series
The Office of Sponsored Programs, in partnership with University Advancement, offers workshops on various topics. Faculty/staff are encouraged to join us.

The 2016-2017 workshop schedule will be posted this summer.

Previous presentations are available below

Note: Workshops will be available via web to registered participants beyond the Glassboro campus.

Open Access Publishing

Presenters Samantha Kennedy and Sarah Hoskins of the Rowan University Libraries invite you to stop by to learn author identifiers like ORCiD and Researcher IDs, and how to ensure your work is recognized. They will also discuss Open Access federal grant requirements and how to make publications available to a wider audience..

Click to view the Open Access presentation and Organizing Your Publications and Research presentation.

Finding Grant Funding

This course will provide you with tools to find potential funding sources for your research and creative and outreach projects. You will gain insight and direction from grant research professionals and administrators who can show you what it takes to locate a viable funder. Presenters will demonstrate ways to access and utilize funding databases and other resources that are available to Rowan faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, this course will address the importance of grant guidelines in determining a fit with potential funders.

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Overview of the Grant Application Process at Rowan

This workshop will outline Rowan’s policies for applying for external funding for research, creative, or scholarly projects. We will provide an overview of necessary approvals, training, internal paperwork, and processes to be obtained/followed prior to submitting grant applications. Further, we will introduce the teams responsible for proposal preparation assistance and the institutional representatives authorized to submit proposals on behalf of the university.

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Introduction to Grant Budgeting

Developing a budget is one of the most challenging aspects of preparing a funding proposal. This workshop will offer insights into the budget planning process, including determining direct costs, indirect costs and cost sharing. Presenters will demonstrate the process for determining anticipated costs related to a project.

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New Federal Uniform Guidance Guidlines and Your Existing Awards

Federal awards issued after Dec. 26, 2014 (and possibly renewals, based on Terms and Conditions) are subject to new federal regulations called Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200). This workshop will explain the major differences between old regulations and new, especially as they pertain to subawardees, allowable costs, indirect rates and bases, and procurement of services. We will also discuss how awardees can ensure compliance to these new regulations.

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Writing Winning Grant Proposals

This workshop will show you how to best craft and write an effective proposal in accordance with funders’ requirements, guidelines, and areas of interest. This workshop will provide you with valuable tools and information regarding how to structure and present your projects in a compelling way that tailors to the guidelines provided by a potential funding source. We will review and critique a sample Letter of Inquiry and a sample Proposal.

To view an archived presentation, click here. Handout Good versus Fundable idea.

Effort Reporting

The Effort Reporting Workshop will discuss the new Banner effort reporting process. The effort reporting process has transitioned to an electronic effort certification using the Banner Self Service interface, and the initial roll out of the Banner effort reporting process will only affect the Camden and Glassboro campuses at this time. Principal Investigators and individuals managing or supervising employees paid from a grants project are encouraged to attend. Attendees of this workshop will increase their overall knowledge of the effort reporting process, tips and hints about completing effort reporting, introduction to the new electronic effort reporting form and other relevant information related to the Banner Effort Reporting process. Attendees will also have an opportunity to ask questions about the Banner Effort Reporting process.

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Creating Complex Grant Budgets

This course will build upon knowledge gained in the Introduction to Grant Budgeting. (Participants who create complex proposal budgets but did not attend the Introduction Workshop are still encouraged to attend.) Participants will learn about cost-sharing and documentation, allowable costs, budgeting for participant costs and consultants, sub-awards, and indirect cost issues.

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Promoting Your Projects

Faculty and staff across campus are engaged in cutting-edge research and working on significant projects with students and for organizations and businesses, sometimes as part of a collaboration and often with outside funding. This workshop will focus on ways to promote your project that work internally and externally, discuss what makes an initiative attractive to media, what publications are viable options and how the Office of Media & Public Relations and other Rowan communications departments can assist you in gaining coverage.

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Say Yes to the Press

Groundbreaking research, high-end awards, collaborations on and off campus, off-beat studies – any number of activities and achievements have the potential to capture the attention of media. In “Say Yes to the Press,” Rowan Media & Public Relations Assistant Director Patricia Quigley will present on the fundamentals of working with journalists.

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Administering Your Grant Awards

Attendees will learn how to effectively monitor and manage award funds and work with the Office of Sponsored Programs and University Advancement in complying with post-award financial requirements. The presentation will cover post-award functions such as how grant accounts are set up, obtaining access to grant accounts, understanding the budget screens, what expenses are allowable and unallowable, and performing functions such as budget transfers, travel requests, salary vouchers, and purchases. We will also discuss financial reporting requirements and who is responsible for submitting such reports.

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Stewardship and Reporting

This workshop will focus on building relationships with funders and potential funders through stewardship and reporting. Specific tactics for following up on a declined proposal and cultivating relationships will be discussed. Examples of effective stewardship activities will be provided, along with a check list for a successful site visit. This workshop will provide you with valuable information to create and maintain the kind of relationships with funders that will lead to successful grant proposals and continued funding.

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Special Workshop Archives

Research Regulatory Committees

This workshop presented by the Office of Sponsored Programs and University Advancement provides a review of the research history, evolution, and current topics of interest related to research regulatory committees on campus, as well as an overview of the regulations history, evolution, and current topics of interest. Additionally, a brief overview of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) at Rowan University is inluded in the workshop. This workshop is for the inexperienced researcher who may want to understand more about the research regulatory committees, why they are formed, and what purpose they serve to the university and researchers.

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Intellectual Property

Attendees will be introduced to internal processes relating to intellectual property including the issuing of a patent, inter-institutional agreements, material transfer agreements, developing start-up companies and creating an out-license with an industry partner.

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Compliance and Beyond

This course is designed to provide participants an overview of research ethics, compliance, and methods to manage compliance with Rowan University policies and procedures and government/agency rules and guidelines in the pre and post award phases of a research project. Participants will learn about ethical research conduct and principles.This course will include three case studies which will provide participants with an hands-on examination of the compliance and ethical issues present in research. View presentation

Lessons Learned from Henrietta Lacks: Rowan's Policies on Protecting Human Subjects

This special workshop presented by the Office of Sponsored Programs and University Advancement reviews the issues of human subjects research. A brief history of human subjects research will be given, which examines the impact of unethical experiments and the subsequent policy changes that were implemented. We will discuss the current federal regulations for protection of human subjects that Rowan University adheres to, including vulnerable populations and informed consent. Further, participants will learn about the composition and function of Rowan's Institutional Review Board (IRB), when and how to submit protocol to the IRB, and types of review. View presentation

NSF Spring 2012 Webinar Series, hosted by OSP

DUE Funding Decision Process at NSF
Proposal Writing Strategies and Reviewer Feedback
Project Evaluation Workshop
Making an Impact: Building Sustainable, Transportable Projects

NSF Fall 2015 Webinar Series, hosted by Physics/Astronomy

NSF is offering a series of web workshops designed to help faculty to improve their science education proposals and their broader impacts in research proposals. Viewing will be in a Student Center. If you’re interested in attending please RSVP by 9/22 to Lelia Redden ( with the date(s) you’ll be attending. Space is limited.
For more info please visit:

Wed, Sept 23rd - 2:15 to 3:45pm - CSC 128 –Topic: Proposal Strategies
Thur, Sept 24th -12:45 to 2:15 -CSC 144A –Topic: Writing Goals, Objectives and Evaluation Questions
Mon, Sept 28th - 2:15pm to 3:45pm -CSC 128 –Topic: Project Evaluation
Tues, Sept 29th - 12:45 to 2:15 -CSC 128 –Topic: Impact and Transportability
Wed, Sept 30th - 2:15 to 3:45pm. --CSC 128 –Topic: Writing your Broader Impacts in NSF Proposals

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