The Thomas N. Bantivoglio Honors Concentration
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Honors Groups and Activities

Spring 2016


1/28/16: New Student Welcome Reception
2/12/16: Valentine's Day Party and Service Event
2/15/16: Interview Workshop
2/19/16: Mental Health Workshop
2/19/16: Honors Student Organization Open Meeting
2/20/16: Trip to the Museum of Modern Art
2/26/16: Diversity Workshop
2/26/16: Semi-Formal Dance
3/6/16: Murder Mystery Dinner
4/1/16: Leadership Workshop
4/1/16: Honors Cabaret
4/2/16: Philadelphia Museum of Art Trip
4/16/16: Table Tennis Tournament
4/23/16: Franklin Institute Trip
4/26/16: Senior Reception
4/30/16: End of the Year Picnic


Jazz Band
Do you like to play Jazz but you’re not a music major? Join the Honors Jazz Band, the third Jazz Band on campus, and the only student run Jazz Band. Back for its second year the Jazz Band is back and bigger than ever!
• Meeting Time: Sundays, 5pm
• Meeting Place: Room 207, Wilson Hall
• Contact: Harrison Hawkins at or Pam Czekay at

Film Series
Come out and join us for Honors Film Series! We watch movies and discuss how they have influenced today's culture. Everybody is more than welcome to attend. To stay up to date on Film Series activities, be sure to check the Honors Announcer and join our Facebook group!
• Meeting Time: Sundays, 7pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Classroom 202, Whitney Center
• Contact: Nicole Puzio at or Don Seaman at

Sports Appreciation Group

Sports Appreciation Group is a place for honors students who are already sports fans, or would like to become fans, to discuss sports in an inclusive atmosphere and have fun
• Meeting Time: Sundays, 8pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Classroom 201, Whitney Center
• Contact: Devon James at or Michael Rozanski at
• First Meeting: Sunday, April 3rd

Knitting Group
Do you like to knit or crochet? Do you like getting service hours? Come check out the Honors Knitting Club. You DO NOT need to know how to knit or crochet to come; we will teach you! The club is participating in the Knit-a-Square service project. If you make a square and put it in the box in the honors lounge, you will receive service hours for it (2 hours per square). Check out the Knit-a-Square website if you have questions about the squares themselves.
• Meeting Time: Mondays, 6:30-8pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Lounge, Whitney Center
• Contact: Rachel Adams at

Billiards Group
Do you like meeting new people? Do you like playing pool? Well no matter if you can shoot 8 balls in at the same time or barely hold a cue, come on down and have some fun with the Honors Billiards Group.
• Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 7-10pm
• Meeting Place: Pool Table outside the Honors Wing, Whitney Center, 2nd Floor
• Contact: Alexis Japka at or Mike Foye at

Book Discussion Group
The Honors Book Discussion Group is for students eager to read and discuss popular books. Out of the three or so books presented to our group each month, members get to choose which to read. Everyone is welcome to join! We promise you’ll have a great time, make new friends, and read some fantastic books.
• Meeting Time: Every other Tuesday, 7pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Classroom 202, Whitney Center
• Contact: Antonia Nuzzolo at or Caroline Otto at

Singing Group
If you love music or singing, then you should join the new honors singing group, The BantivogliTones! No experience is required-- whether you sing in the shower or in a choir, anyone is welcome. We are also seeking beatboxers and accompanists, so if you love playing the piano, guitar, or even the drums this group is also for you!
• Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 7pm
• Meeting Place: Wilson 206
• Contact: Erica Avery at or Emma Dohmeier at

Chess Group
We play chess. If you don't know how to play, we will teach you. If you know how to play, you will get better. We will go over tactics/strategy for those who are interested in maybe playing competitively.
• Meeting Time: Thursdays, 5pm
• Meeting Place: Room 328u, Robinson Hall
• Contact: Josh Wible at wiblej35@students.rowan.eduor Stanimir Genov at

Philosophy Group
If you like writing poetry, talking philosophy, or engaging in creative discussion, then this is the group for you! We have a new topic for each meeting, with subjects ranging from artistic expression to moral absolutism to nostalgia. The first half hour will be devoted to writing and sharing club goers' creative pieces, with the remaining time dedicated to discussion of the topic at hand
• Meeting Time: Thursdays, 8pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Classroom 202, Whitney Center
• Contact: Paul Entwistle at or Jonathan Fernandez at

Trading Card Game Group
Join us to play your favorite Trading CardGames in a relaxed setting. New and experienced players are welcome, and there will be extra Magic: The Gathering cards for new players to try out and to get accustomed to the game. We are primarily focused on playing Magic: The Gathering, but other games are welcome and appreciated.
• Meeting Time: Thursdays, 8pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Classroom 201, Whitney Center
• Contact: Eric Baumhauer at or Nate Lamb at
• First Meeting: March 3rd

Problem-Based Learning
The Honors Problem Based Learning group is a club for students interested in medical school, the health care field, and anyone with a passion for medicine. Meetings are once a week, and students have a chance to work through complicated medical cases to arrive at a diagnosis, just like medical residents might. If you've ever wanted to spend a couple hours pretending to be Doctor House, this group is for you!
• Meeting Time: Fridays, 9am
• Meeting Place: Room 232, Science Hall
• Contact: James Gesualdi at or Darien Seidman at

Board Games Group
Students are invited to stop by during that time to learn new board games or play old favorites! Most of the games we play are German-style, which is described by Wikipedia as games that "emphasize strategy, downplay luck and conflict, lean towards economic rather than military themes, and usually keep all the players in the game until it ends." This includes games like Settlers of Catan and Dominion, two of our favorites. We’re sure these games or some of the many other games we have will become your favorites as well! Honors Board Games Group is a great place to meet new friends and play great games, all the while getting your participation hours! So come check it out!
• Meeting Time: Fridays, 12:30-6pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Lounge, Whitney Center
• Contacts: Jonathan Fernandez at or Christopher Hobson at

Puzzle Pack
Want to keep your mind active during downtime? Join us on Friday afternoons for some jigsaw puzzling fun! Puzzle Pack is a group for people who love jigsawing or puzzling of any kind. Kinesthetic learning is beneficial, so studying and working at your own pace is encouraged throughout the meeting time!
• Meeting Time: Every other Friday, 4pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Lounge, Whitney Center
• Contact: Erin Signor at or Casey Bate at

Racquetball Group
Join us for a fun way to get exercise and participation hours. All skill levels are welcome for both recreational and competitive play!
• Meeting Time: Fridays, 4pm
• Meeting Place: Racquetball Court 1, Rec Center
• Contact: Dan Dobson at or Evan Martin at

Cooking Group
Do you love to cook? Then this group is for you! Join us on culinary adventures to improve your cooking skills and satisfy your hunger, all while earning participation hours!
• Meeting Time: Fridays, 5pm
• Meeting Place: Evergreen Kitchen/Lounge
• Contact: Steven Schwartz at

Dungeons and Dragons Group
The Honors D&D Group is dedicated to the decades-old RPG, Dungeons & Dragons. The club offers Honors students a community of fellow adventurers and an opportunity for new and experienced players alike to participate in one of the many campaigns that will be offered. If you like acting, story-telling, battling, and trying new things without having to go outside, D&D is for you! The informational/interest meeting is for new and experienced players alike, where we will discuss everything from player conduct to character creation.
• Meeting Time: Fridays, 6pm
• Meeting Place: Honors Classroom 202, Whitney Center
• Contact: Jonathan Fernandez at or Connor Mott at

Guitar Group
This club is for those who want a place to meet and play with other students who share a love for playing guitar and having fun! If you can’t play the guitar yet, have no fear! We are more than willing to teach. Feel free to bring any equipment you would like.
• Meeting Time: Fridays, 8pm
• Meeting Place: Room 213, Wilson Hall
• Contact: Philip Quinn at

Table Tennis Group
The Honors Table Tennis Group is a place where students can meet and play some games. It can be as relaxed or competitive as you'd like! No experience or equipment required.
• Meeting Time: Saturdays, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
• Meeting Place: Whitney Center, 3rd Floor
• Contact: Brian Westervelt at or Tyler Jiang at
Don't see a group you like?
Starting your own group is easy! Contact the Honors Student Organization at and we'll let you know how to get started.