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Housing and Accommodations

Undergraduate Graduate


Mandatory University Housing Policy

In compliance with the Rowan University Board of Trustees resolution, it is the policy of this institution that all undergraduate (freshman and transfer) students, who meet the following conditions, are required to reside in University residence facilities until the completion of their second academic year (58 credits).

• Unmarried
• Full-time course load
• Under age 21
• Not residing in the residence of a parent or a legal guardian
NOTE: A legal guardian is an adult who is legally eligible to claim the student as a dependant for tax purposes.

Students who violate the on-campus residence requirement will be required to move into a residence hall and pay full room rent for the semester in which the violation occurs. Students who refuse to move will be suspended from Rowan University.

There is no temporary housing available on campus. No student will be allowed to begin classes without confirmed accommodations. Prior to your arrival at Rowan University, you must either:

On-Campus Housing

Incoming international students, as well as those transferring from U.S. institutions, must reserve on-campus housing if they are coming from any out-of-state (outside of New Jersey) school, or are not staying locally with a legal guardian within 40 miles of Rowan University. All arrangements concerning housing and assignment of the University residence halls are made through the Office of Housing and Accommodations.

Each residence hall and apartment complex is directed by a Residence Hall Director (RD). The Director supervises a staff of Resident Assistants (RA). The residence staff work to promote the well-being of the campus community. All RD’s and RA’s are trained to work with student concerns and campus resources, policies, procedures, and regulations.

Visit the Office of Housing and Accommodations website for information regarding student housing.

Housing Contracts

All students living on campus must submit a signed Housing Contract.

Please review the University Housing Handbook on pages 65-74 of the 2011-2012 Rowan University Student Handbook.


Rowan University provides resources for students looking for off-campus housing. International graduate students seeking accommodations should contact the Office of Housing and Accommodations directly for assistance securing housing.