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International Student Services

Meal Plans And Dining Services

Meal Plans

All students assigned to Residence Halls are required to purchase the 14 meal or all-access meal plan their first year. All other residence hall students must select from either the All-Access, 14, 10 or 7 meal plans. While meal plans are not required for other students, most students choose to sign up for one or open a RowanCard account for convenience.

Please see the Bursar’s page for detailed information about meal plans and the meal plan contract.

An optional RowanCard Account is available to all students that gives you the convenience of purchasing power all over the campus without money, checks, or credit cards. Dining Dollars and 'Boro Bucks are integrated into all meal plans and carry over from semester to semester. Dining Dollars may be used at any dining location on campus. 'Boro Bucks may be used at all locations both on- and off-campus that accept the RowanCard.

Dining Services on Campus

There are several options available for dining throughout the Rowan Campus including dining halls, snack bars, coffee shops, convenience stores, and restaurants. Detailed information on available facilities is available on the Dining Services website.