Office of the Provost

Request For Support

Student Academic Initiative for Learning Committee (SAIL) provides funds to both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing extraordinary academic endeavors. Funding for SAIL is provided by the Rowan University Provost's Office.

Students are required to complete the application electronically, as well as have the faculty sponsor letter of support attached to this form, to your College's committee 45 days prior to the project/activity date.


  1. Only requests submitted between September 1 and May 1 will be considered, and provided based on fund availability.
  2. Funding is not provided for payment of student wages.
  3. Funding for purchase of supplies or for programs where other project funding exists is discouraged.
  4. Funding is not provided for conference attendance but is granted for conference participation (i.e. student presenting or co-presenting research with a faculty member). Most awards will be no greater than $500.
  5. If 3 or more students are attending the same activity, only one application should be sent with the name of all students participating, with a single faculty sponsor letter included. The award for the group will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Most group awards will be no greater than $2000.

Instructions: Please respond briefly to each item.

I. Name(s) and contact information for student/faculty requesting support

StudentFaculty Member



*Funding will be awarded to fully matriculated undergraduate students (not graduate students).

II. College/Department/Program

III. Nature of the request

Type of Request (check one or more)

Would you accept partial funding?

Does this project/activity have other funding sources?

IV. Timelines and assessment

V. Faculty Letter of Support

VI. Submission

For additional information, please contact:

Your College's Committee.