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Extended Drop/Add Office Hours (Please see drop/add schedule to determine when these hours are in effect):

Mon: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Tue: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Wed: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Thu: 7:30am - 5:30pm
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Graduate Registration

Traditional-format Graduate Registration

Who Can Register

Any student who has received an undergraduate degree and wishes to take a traditional-format graduate-level course is considered a graduate student and should read this section. Students who have been accepted and matriculated into a Rowan University traditional-format graduate program, either at graduate-certification program, master’s, or doctoral level, may register during the entire registration period when on-line registration is offered. Students who have not been accepted into a graduate program are considered non-matriculated and are permitted to accumulate no more than 9 credits of graduate coursework until accepted and matriculated into a graduate program. Students who present evidence of a master's degree are not restricted to the 9 credit limit, but must register as a non-matriculated student. Non-matriculated students who wish to register for traditional-format courses may register via on-line registration only at the end of the times permitted to matriculated students as described in the beginning of the Schedule of Courses.

Registering for the First Time

  1. In order to register for courses, you must be included in the data banks of our computerized student information system (Banner). If you are currently an active non-matriculated Rowan graduate student, you should be able to register online. If you are a former (and inactive) Rowan student (at any level), you will need to complete Part I of the CGCE Activation & Registration form available on the CGCE website. This will allow CGCE to activate you for online, non-matriculated registration, as well as update your personal information (address, phone number, email). (Please note that, in order to request a name change, you must submit a Change of Name form to the Registrar’s Office.)
  2. Students who have never attended Rowan University at the graduate level, must request to register for the first time as a non-matriculated graduate student by completing the CGCE Activation & Registration form available on the CGCE website. (Students who have applied to Rowan University but have not yet been accepted can be activated as non-matriculated by completing the CGCE Activation & Registration form. Once activated, they may register for courses only during the designated registration times for non-matriculated students and are limited to taking no more than nine credits until accepted and matriculated into a program.)

Any student, matriculated or non-matriculated, who has submitted the necessary form, and still cannot access the registration system, may contact CGCE Academic Services for registration help at 856-256-5435.

Selecting Courses

All courses can be found on the Rowan Section Tally. Here, you will find important course information, such as start/end dates, instructor, day/time and location of course. Consult the Graduate Catalog for detailed description of courses, course numbers, course prerequisites (if any), and program requirements.

Important Information Sources

If you have an academic question about a graduate program, you can contact a graduate advisor. Graduate advisor contact information can be found in the last column of the CGCE Admissions Requirements Chart. For questions regarding Graduate Admissions, please contact the College of Graduate & Continuing Education Admissions Processing Office at 856-256-5145. For questions regarding Graduate Assistantships, please contact Dr. Forouza Pourkay at 856-256-5138.
Parking questions, call 856 256-4575. Student I.D., call 856 256-4606. Other phone numbers, call the University Switchboard at 856 256-4000.
Extension Graduate Registration

  • All students matriculated into a CGCE Extension graduate program are automatically registered for their courses, as outlined in their Personalized Course Sequence (PCS). For questions regarding your PCS, contact a CGCE Enrollment Advisor at 856-256-5141
  • For students matriculated into a traditional-format graduate program who wish to register for a CGCE Extension course, please complete and submit the Course Permission & Override Form for the Traditional RU Student.
  • For non-matriculated students who wish to register for a CGCE Extension course, please complete and submit both parts of the CGCE Activation & Registration Form.