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NOTE: Mr. Steven Kessel has relocated to James Hall.

The Office of University Scheduling, located on the second floor of James Hall, oversees all classroom scheduling.




TEC Classroom Request Form

Please read the following carefully before filling out your request.

This form is for requesting use of the Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC Rooms) for prior to the beginning of registration for the term.

  1. Some departments have requested the option of requesting a period for use by multiple course sections that meet at the same time. If you would like to make such a request, enter it for one of the classes and include in the comments at the bottom a list of the class sections that will be using the room.
  2. All scheduling will be based on standard Rowan class schedule periods. If your class meets at an unusual time, it will be difficult if not impossible to accommodate you.
  3. We are assuming that if you can't have your first preference for a TEC room, you will accept any available. If this is not the case, please indicate this in your comments.
  4. If you have to change the class period in which your class meets after you have submitted the application, you will almost certainly not be scheduled in a TEC room.
  5. The Registrars Office will do their best to satisfy as many requests as possible, but please understand that until more rooms are added we will not always be able to meet the demand, especially at popular class meeting times.

Registration Info:.. Current Classroom Utilization....Room Detail ...Schedule of Courses Dates...Trial Schedule. .

for current scheduling cycles only

TEC Classroom Request Form
then click the Submit button (57) (60)

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Mutually Exclusive Courses: Specify courses that are not directly equivalent but have overlapping content that would prevent students from receiving academic credit for all versions. During registration, Banner checks for mutually exclusive courses and prevents registration.