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Currently Available Technologies:

Technologies Available for Licensure

Ref. # 0501 12/05

Area-Efficient Real-Time Tree-Based Web Visualization and Design (RAST)

RAST is a website navigation tool that enables a user to easily navigate a web site regardless of the complexity of that site. The user is provided with a tree-like graphical image that monitor's their browsing on the site in real time. The map is dynamic and is refreshed constantly as the user navigates the site. RAST can be used with an existing web browser.

Patent Pending

Ref. # 0502 12/05

Interactive Mobile Aqua Probing & Surveillance System (IMAPS)

IMAPS is a remotely controlled surface-vehicle carrying biological and physical sensors for use on small bodies of water. The host interacts with the human operator, and provides intelligence and control commands to the field robot. The data collected by the field robot are presented to the human operator in real time via wireless communication with the host.

Patent Pending

Ref. # 0601 9/06
Ref # 0602 11/06

Ethanologenic Bacteria with Enhanced Resistance to Ethanol
Ethanologenic Bacteria with Enhanced Resistance to Ethanol and Furfural

Agricultural residues, such as corn stover, represent an untapped resource for renewable fuel production. To convert this lignocellulosic material into ethanol in a profitable manner, an organism with rapid ethanol production, resistance to common inhibitors, and the ability to ferment all major sugars is required. We have developed derivatives of Escherichia coli FBR5 with enhanced resistance to multiple toxins: furfural (one of the most common inhibitors produced during feestock preparation) and ethanol (toxic product produced during fermentation). During pilot fermentations in the presence of furfural, these strains display improved ethanol productivity and resistance.

Patents Pending

Ref. # 0603 10/06

Rowan Virtual Meeting (RVM)

Rowan Virtual Meeting (RVM) is a synchronous, web-based multimedia software environment that allows two or more people to get together in real-time to (1) communicate using VoIP (Voice over IP), Web video, and text chat; (2) collaborate using a whiteboard with full-featured drawing and annotation tools, PowerPoint presentations, digital images, and polling tools; and (3) share documents and computer desktop applications.

RVM enables groups to get together, virtually, without physical boundaries, to meet, present, train, teach, sell, brainstorm, or share information anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection, computer, headset, or Web cam. RVM offers a simple, intuitive user interface with a host of interactive features accessible on any platform, using any operating system, and most web browsers.

Patent Pending