Office of the Provost
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Provost's Office Staff

James Newell, Provost/Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs

Roberta Harvey, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Darren Nicholson, Associate Provost

Karen Giunta, Academic Affairs Fiscal Manager

Diane Ferraina, Managing Administrative Assistant

Lynne Hentschke, Managing Administrative Assistant


James Newell
Provost/Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs


The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer of the University. Reporting directly to the President, the Provost's principal responsibilities include academic and financial oversight of all undergraduate and graduate academic programs and the hiring of faculty, librarians, professional staff and other personnel in collaboration with the Deans of the Colleges of Business, Communication and Creative Arts, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Performing Arts, Science and Mathematics, and Graduate and Continuing Education. The Associate Provost for Rowan University Libraries and the Vice President for Student Life/Student Life and Assistant Provost/Dean of the Camden Campus also report to the Provost.

The Provost represents the President, when so designated, with internal and external constituents. Within the University, he chairs the Provost Senior Staff and the Deans Council, and is a member of the President's Executive Cabinet.

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Roberta Harvey
Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs oversees four campus offices:

The Thomas N. Bantivoglio Honors Program
The Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
The Office of the Registrar

In addition, the Vice President also has direct responsibility for administration of the Academic Integrity Process, oversight of the Dismissal//Probation/Restriction Processes and the Grade Dispute Process, and the production of the Undergraduate Catalog. She advises the Provost on matters of academic policy, curriculum, tenure and recontracting, and promotion and serves on numerous task forces and committees.

The Vice President also serves as the primary point of contact for issues involving the University Senate Committees, interacts with the Vice Presidents and Associate Vice Presidents of the other divisions to insure smooth flow of information, and handles complaints of an academic nature received by the President’s Office. She is also a member of the Administrative Cabinet.

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Darren Nicholson
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

The Associate Provost works closely with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Provost/Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs on issues related to curriculum, academic programing, academic integrity, and academic policies as well as serving as an advisor to the Provost/Sr. Vice President on academic matters and as a representative of the Office of the Provost on University Committees and Task Forces.

For a complete profile regarding Dr. Nicholson please visit,

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Karen Giunta

Karen Giunta
Academic Affairs Fiscal Manager
856.256.4500, ext. 3054

Ms. Giunta serves as the Academic Affairs Fiscal Manager for the Provost/Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs. Her duties include preparing statistical reports and assisting the Provost/Sr. Vice President with the academic affairs budget. She handles advertising for the academic affairs division, processes paperwork for all new hires. In addition, Ms. Giunta oversees adjunct/overload contracts and prepares faculty load analysis data reports.

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Diane Ferraina
Managing Administrative Assistant
856.256.4500, ext. 3052

Mrs. Ferraina serves as a managing administrative assistant to the Provost/Sr. Vice President. Her duties include support for the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, coordinating reports from the Division of Academic Affairs, maintaining the Provost/Sr.Vice President's calendar and assisting the Provost/Sr. Vice President at meetings and University functions. Mrs. Ferraina oversees the operations of the Provost office and provides the necessary support to ensure implementation and/or completion of projects assigned to the office. In addition, she works cooperatively with University faculty, administration and staff to accomplish goals and tasks of the University.

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Lynne Hentschke
Managing Administrative Assistant - Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mrs. Hentschke serves as a managing administrative assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Associate Provost. Her duties include support for the Division of Academic Affairs, maintaining the Vice President's and Associate Provost's calendars and assisting with Academic Integrity Hearings, curriculum processing, and updating the website. Mrs. Hentschke assists in the updating of the undegraduate catalog, and the Dismissal/Suspension/Probation/Restriction process as well as the Grade Dispute process.

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