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Governor's Task Force Report'

Message from Interim-President Ali Houshmand

Dear Rowan Community,

On January 25, Governor Christie announced the release of a report studying the state's higher education resources and recommendations about the future of this vital part of New Jersey's educational infrastructure and economy. The report suggests a most positive result will come by merging Rowan University and Rutgers-Camden to create an impressive new, comprehensive university—one of just two research institutions in the state and one that will include both a medical school and a law school.

Given the quality of education and research at both Rowan University and Rutgers-Camden, the governor's announcement opens an unprecedented door of opportunity for us all. We look forward now to the opportunity to work together with the first-rate scholars and researchers at Rutgers-Camden. Together we can create a stronger, more vibrant and responsive institutional center for education and for cultural, community and economic development than either institution could achieve alone.

While the governor's clear interest in the success of this merger suggests support at the highest level, at this point the advisory committee's report is a proposal that awaits executive action and legislative approval. In the meantime, we know that many of you have questions and concerns and we welcome open discussion from everyone—Rowan or otherwise. Please feel free to email us at We will always respond as openly and honestly as we can.

To read the recommendations about Rowan and Rutgers in the advisory committee's full report, see Medical Education Delivery in Southern New Jersey starting on p. 23 in the PDF at:

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