Welcome to RU Green!

We're cutting emissions, trimming waste and running lean. Rowan University is going green!

That’s a big commitment on campus. The University is demonstrating that commitment in numerous ways, from a new co-generation plant to old-fashioned plantings, from research on alternative fuels to a implementing a single-stream recycling program. Rowan’s administration, faculty, staff and students are doing as much as possible to leave a smaller carbon footprint and ensure the health or our environment.

Some of the highlights?

  • College of Engineering and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences professors and students are conducting research on such topics as alternative fuels, wind power and photovoltaic cells.
  • There is the major push to boost recycling across campus, from the classroom to the office to the residence hall. That includes Move-In Cardboard Capture to save the hundreds, if not thousands, of boxes that formerly went in the trash when students came to campus.
  • A new cogeneration plant generates electricity and steam, producing enough electricity to power the equivalent of 1,300 homes.
  • Various special programs raise awareness and promote eco-friendly actions, such as Clean and Green Day, a regularly held event that engages students, faculty and staff in cleaning up the campus and planting shrubs and flowers for beautification.

Additionally, groups such as GEO (Glassboro Environmental Organization) and the student recycling teamwork raise awareness, beautify the campus, promote recycling and handle other eco-friendly efforts.

  • Rowan has promoted solar power and has participated in many other energy-related initiatives. The University was an early client of Community Energy Inc., which obtains part of its power from the Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm in Atlantic City.
  • Rowan was the first signer in New Jersey of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, which pledged the campus to developing a comprehensive plan to achieve climate neutrality as soon as possible.
  • The University has been active with The New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability since 2001.
  • Rowan's campus master plan incorporated sustainability in its guiding principles in 2005 and set LEED (the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification as a minimum building design standard in 2007.
  • Awards. Lots of awards!  (See link to left.)

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